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I am Japanese. I am Indian.

           I am a Londoner. I am Berliner. I am Punk.               - KAHORI FURUKAWA -

Being saturated by the ever changing trends of industrial fashion FURUKAWA goes deeper into the art of true creation.

In close dialogue with the client and in the light of their concept,

a pre-design is made.

After evaluation the finished product becomes one of a kind FURUKAWA's handmade design.


FURUKAWA's Haute couture reaches the spectrum of the Stage Arts;

her work expands the concept of clothing and embraces Staging Design.


FURUKAWA label is on stage with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods,

Aki Takase, Yuko Kaseki, Toshiko Oka and Shiori Tada, Elana Kats.


                                                                       Text by Dominique Pollet,

                                                                             Theatre Light Designer 

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